The ultimate dayboat for cruising and entertaining

Three unique styles

RUNABOUT: There’s no better way to enjoy the cool breezes, warm sunshine and beautiful scenery of your favorite waterway. With convertible top and camper top options. You’re topless. Whoo-whoo!

FLYBRIDGE: You’ll enjoy having more room for cruising and entertaining. With two areas for captaining the boat, the flybridge gives the captain a better view of his surroundings. Available with two to three additional seats on the flybridge and a stand-up head option.

HARDTOP: You’ll love the added comfort, convenience and protection from the elements. Whatever the weather, hot or cool, we’ve got you covered.



Our 24- and 26-foot models offer the best of both worlds: the legacy of individual craftsmanship and the latest in modern technology. Its high-performance MerCruiser engine and agile maneuverability make it the ultimate day boat for cruising and entertaining. And because the integrity of the lapstrake hull has been proven on the deep waters of the Great Lakes, you’ll never have to worry about a thing. Just kick back and enjoy the swim platform and luxurious amenities.


Modern Updates

Skiff Craft has introduced a variety of elegant refinements. We’ve replaced aluminum with a rich mahogany through-out the interior, including the windshield frame. We’ve updated and chromed all the instruments. We’ve made the floor plan more spacious, making it easier to interact with guests. We’ve improved the deck, now slightly domed, so it sheds water with ease. And you’ll love the new cabin flooring with its traditional nautical look. The addition of the swim platform and numerous other amenities make this a fabulous boat of its size and kind.



Approximate dry weight:
24 ft. runabout: 3800 lbs.
26 ft. runabout: 4500 lbs.
26 ft. hardtop: 4920 lbs.

Overall length:
24 ft. runabout and hardtop: 24"
26 ft. runabout and hardtop: 26' 6"

24 ft. runabout and hardtop: 8' 4"
26 ft. runabout and hardtop: 9' 10"

24 and 26 ft. runabout and hardtop: approx. 32"

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